With the aim of rectifying the Tripitaka Scriptures and bringing Buddhist principles to everyone to enhance the spiritual life of the people, Venerable Thich Dao Thinh has established the Translation Department for Scriptures.

Biên dịch kinh sách
Translating Buddhist Scriptures

The Translation Department of Tan Vien Scriptures is a hub for experts in translation and research on Scriptures, especially Sutras, Codes, Treatises, and works that teach about karma, ethics, and human education. The department was established with the purpose of promoting translation and research on Scriptures, traditional books, thereby contributing a small part to rectify and supplement the deficiencies in the treasure trove of Scriptures worldwide.

Members of the Tan Vien Scriptures Translation Department are individuals with extensive knowledge of the cultures and histories of countries such as India, China, etc. They also possess solid experience in translation and research. They ensure that the translated and researched works meet high-quality standards and provide significant value in understanding the ancient knowledge of revered sages.

In the future, the Tan Vien Scriptures Translation Department will regularly organize seminars, discussions, and publish research works to share knowledge and research results with the research community and interested readers. Additionally, the department welcomes contributions and feedback from the community to further develop and improve translation and research on Scriptures.