VHP Tan Vien Buddhist Company Limited specializes in printing and processing publications with high quality and affordable prices to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Our primary focus is on providing Buddhist scriptures from temples, monks, and Buddhists across the nation, to spread the Dharma to all levels of society.

Process for ordering print on demand:

  • Consult with us before placing your order.
  • Send us your order info, including quantity, printing specifications, material, etc.
  • Receive quotation.
  • Finalize the quotation, sign the contract, and make your advance payment (50% of the order value)
  • Send us the final files for printing.
  • Receive your order.



To solve the problems that customers are facing, Tan Vien Printing has been implementing printing services according to the required quantity at a reasonable price, guaranteed quality, and at the same time highly aesthetic from the inside. go out.
Coming to VHP PG Tan Vien Co., Ltd., the incentives you will receive when using the book printing service in quantity include:
  • Get free advice on printing paper types such as fort, kraft, couche,… as well as appropriate printing and processing methods according to the cost and needs of the publication.
  • Providing highly aesthetic book cover and inside design services.
  • Printing workshop system with a series of advanced machines and quality paper and ink sources, ensuring the output of publications in all aspects.
  • For the purpose of spreading the Dharma widely to people’s lives, not for business purposes, not through intermediaries, all profits are used to continue doing charity work such as printing and worshiping. Scriptures,… so all services sent to you have the most preferential prices.

In addition, when coming to In Tan Vien, we commit to:

  • Customers must have the print sample approved via email or see it in person first, then proceed to print in large quantities.
  • Ensure on-time delivery with the highest level of product perfection.
  • We will remake the entire product if the error comes from the printer.
  • Using the consulting – design – printing – delivery combo, your costs will be minimized.

What does the on-demand book printing service include?

  • Print Buddhist Sutras
  • Book Printing
  • Print Comics
  • Print Catalog
  • Print photo books
  • Print hardcover/softcover books
  • Print books from PDF files
  • Print notebook

Price list for printing books in quantity as required

Currently there are many printing units on the market, so the difference in prices at each unit is completely understandable.

The price quote for printing books according to the required quantity at Tan Vien Printing is in the process of being updated, because paper prices change frequently and depend on the number of books to be printed that you request, so to receive the optimal price for printed books. offers and without wasting much time looking for prices, you can contact Tan Vien at hotline: 0348 793 698, send a request via email: Marketingvhppgtanvien@gmail.com or chat directly with the consulting team on the website!

Some other accompanying services when printing books in the required quantity

In addition to the information shared above, when printing books in small quantities, there will also be accompanying services as follows:

Bind the book with thermal glue.

Bind the book with cardboard.

Spring-bound spiral binding of books.

Tan Vien Printing’s commitment to book printing services:

  • Professional printer. Our team of printers are trained by the College of Printing and have many years of experience in the printing profession.
  • Customers who send print files will receive free test printing (depending on the value of each order).
  • TAN TAN printing ensures product quality with modern technology and the latest printing techniques. Products after production that do not meet quality standards due to the printer’s side will be remade (100% free of charge).
  • Enthusiastic consulting, bringing maximum value with minimal costs to customers.
  • Each publication of TAN TAN VIEN PRINTING Company, when it reaches customers, contains full enthusiasm and effort.



Book products produced by In Tan Vien

Cheap Tet Calendar Printing – Cheap Tet calendar printing service at the Factory

Giving or buying Tet calendars is an indispensable cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. The use of printing and design technologies to print Tet calendars has gradually become the top choice of companies, businesses and agencies every Tet holiday.


(Note: The price list for printing Tet calendars is in the process of being updated. Paper prices change frequently so we may not be able to update the price list right away. To receive preferential prices for printing calendars and not waste a lot of time To inquire about prices, you can contact Tan Vien at hotline: 0348 793 698, send a request via email: Marketingvhppgtanvien@gmail.com or chat directly with the consulting team on the website).

Cheap Tet calendars are popular

There are 3 popular types of Tet calendars on the market, including:

  • A-shaped desk calendar: Mainly used frequently by office workers. This type usually has 7 or 13 sheets printed on both sides.
  • Wall calendar: Includes 1, 5, 7, 13 basic sheets designed to be nailed to the wall. For types with 5, 7, 13 sheets, the top will be fixed with a brace or spring. In addition, this type of calendar can be designed and printed according to needs and preferences.
  • Bloc calendar: Traditional style of Vietnamese people. This type of calendar has a typical design, bound into a book of 365 pages corresponding to the days of the year, including all the basic information of the day. The block calendar can be hung directly on the wall or placed on a cardboard sheet fixed to the wall.

Popular types of Tet calendars on the market:

Standard size of Tet calendar

For each type of Tet calendar, there will be different paper sizes to print the corresponding Tet calendar. That is:

Printed desk calendars will be divided by size:

14x30cm, 18x24cm, 15x20cm,… Or you can order a printed desk calendar in a size that suits your requirements and personal preferences.

Printed wall calendars will also be divided into 3 types according to size as follows:

  • Regular format: 30x40cm
  • Long form: 30x70cm
  • Large size: 45x70cm
  • Or order size according to customer’s request

– The size of bloc calendar printing is divided into the following types: 10x15cm; 14.5×20.5cm; 25x35cm,…


No one can deny the spiritual values that the Tet calendar brings. Besides, it also contains many other meaningful values such as:

  • Use as a gift for relatives, friends, customers or partners, …
  • It is an extremely effective brand promotion tool, because when printing a calendar, it will include images, logos and slogans of the business on it.
  • Decorate office rooms, meeting rooms, seminars,…

A beautiful, professionally designed calendar will show the seriousness of work as well as the brand class of the business. Therefore, printing Tet calendars becomes a necessary “spiritual food” in today’s modern life.


To best support customers, Tan Vien provides blank Tet calendar printing services, designs and prints exclusive cheap Tet calendars upon request.



Business card printing service is a service that provides printing of business cards, business cards or note cards for individuals or businesses. Business card printing services often provide many options in materials, sizes, colors and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers.
When using the business card printing service, customers can choose to design as they wish or use available templates from the printer. Business card printing services also often provide advice on suitable designs and materials to create a beautiful and professional final product.
In addition, some business card printing services also provide related services such as graphic design, punch cutting, leather printing, sim card printing, or other printing services such as printing brochures, catalogs, posters, etc. and other printing products.
To best support customers, Tan Vien provides exclusive cheap business card printing service upon request.