Welcome to the Tan Vien family! We are currently in the process of finding the remaining pieces to complete our team. If you are someone who appreciates a working environment with a spirit of compassion, equality, and intelligence, we invite you to join our Tan Vien family. Here, you will not only enhance your professional skills under the dedicated guidance of experienced colleagues, but also experience comprehensive spiritual development through various activities organized by the company and the Tranquil Zen Studies Association of Vietnam. Don’t hesitate any longer—quickly send your CV to the email address:

Currently, we are looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

  1. Bilingual translators (English-Vietnamese, Chinese-Vietnamese).
  2. Film editing specialists.
  3. Experienced editors in the field of Buddhism.

Please send your CV to the above email, specifying the position you are applying for in the email. We will respond promptly and engage in further discussions with you regarding recruitment details based on each position.