Tan Vien Company’s collective is grateful for International Women’s Day

“When parents are still alive, they are Amitabha Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha! Let us take care of our parents well. If we do so, our family will be no different from the Pure Land in this human world.”
– Venerable Thich Dao Thinh
In the quintessential light of our parents’ love, let us be grateful for the countless blessings they have brought to our lives. Especially on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, Tan Vien Buddhist VHP Company would like to send our gratitude to mothers, sisters, women – half of the world who have helped us create a Pure Land right in life. This!
Happy October 20th with sincere love and gratitude!
Tri ân Ngày phụ nữ quốc tế
Grateful for International Women’s Day

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